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There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self. ~Ernest Hemingway


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I'm a writer, teacher, runner, thinker, creator, lover. Born in Montana, from Kentucky. Welcome to my mindspace. Dust off the cobwebs and stay awhile.


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Feeling Small in Greatness

Soft breaths reverberate slowly around the room, circling the spaces where the air drifts in from the open window. My eyes are wide open. My sisters are all up in...
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Crap I Learned from my First Half Marathon

My sisters and I decided to run the Emigration Canyon Half Marathon a few months ago. That’ll fit perfectly into my training I thought as I paid the fee and...


Some people will think it was Trump. But of course, you will probably think it was Trump when you first hear it. I certainly did. Why not think it was...

A Few Must Have Songs for Your Running Playlist

Maybe it’s just me, but when my jam comes on while I’m running, I have to mentally stop myself from sprinting for the next three minutes and whatever seconds. It’s...

Look at Me

I’m scared to open my eyes—because then I might see you. I might see your eyes, your black eyes, with pupils like pools filled with ebony. You might want me...

Running Mantras that Work

Having something to say to myself to get myself revved up for running helps. Here are a few things I tell myself from day to day to get my butt...

Five Strategies to Break your Phone Addiction

As I drove to work today, I happened upon a strange sight: three cars next to me in each consecutive lane, with each person staring at their phone. It was...