Some people will think it was Trump. But of course, you will probably think it was Trump when you first hear it. I certainly did. Why not think it was Trump? Then again, maybe it was the surge of anti-Muslim sentiment or police violence against blacks. Believe you not, it wasn’t even the statistical chance that Facebook uses will stop and watch a kitten jump at a cucumber before they will pause at a political post that seems to go against their political beliefs.

Claims of complete colony collapse and the evils of Monsanto have been blaring over the news all morning, intermingled with satellite images filled with browns and beiges intermingled with a muted orange ocean. The earth now looks like a nasty turd floating in space. But they’re not talking about the truth, but I am watching Fox, so maybe that’s on me.

My bloodshot eyes shift from the television to the bees I have pinned in frames along the walls. They line the door and make a semicircle around my dusty PhD. Entomology. What a joke. The totality of puffed up academia now seems infantile to me. I stare off into space, wondering what could have gone differently.

The last time I saw a bee alive was six months ago. It quietly buzz before me, dusting flowers one by one, as if nothing had changed. When it flew away, it flew up into the sky, not across the field. I cried to see it go because I knew it would be the last. Most crops had already almost completely died. The last generation of bees were spreading a master virus that killed any plant that it came into contact with. The bees spread the virus perfectly, leaving almost nothing green behind.

That was six months ago.

My thoughts return to the same train of thought, and I feel the bleak reality of life sinking in. Now the bees are gone. And most of the plants are gone. And most of the oxygen is gone. And most of the people are gone. Which is what they wanted. Which is why you’ll think it was Trump. God gave Adam dominion over all the earth. But God didn’t leave us. God isn’t a person. God isn’t even a singular being.

I break through the cloud of dark thought and mindlessly search through cross sections of honey bee brains. There’s no more research to do now. God has decided. We’ve been given enough chances. The bees are all gone. We had dominion over the earth, and now the bees have decided.