January has rolled around and is now rolling past, and New Year’s resolutions are on everyone’s minds. This could be it. This could be that transformative, game changing year. Resolutions are on my mind too; I have this absolute infatuation with making lists. I typically specialize in to-do lists, but really any list will do as long as it has nice little neat bullets which I can then check off one by one and attempt to feel satisfied. I constantly find little sticky notes covered with lists in pockets, drawers and under the bed. Making lists is an everyday addiction, but January first feels like the Christmas Day of list making. There is no other time of the year more perfectly suited to stacking item upon item in a nice cute package of hopes and dreams.

Unfortunately, New Year’s Resolutions usually suck. My day-to-day to-do list items are pretty innocuous if not a little neurotic, but New Year’s Resolutions usually become New Year’s Fiction. I always build up this incredibly long list of fantastically large ideas, and then feel depressed as, one by one, I rationalized or procrastinate or grow tired of each item on the list.

Thankfully this year has been a tiny bit better, with a few hiccups. Jackson and I resolved to do a low carb diet. Basically this means all you can have is meat and veggies. But mostly veggies. We’re following the Tim Ferriss plan, which means that once a week you get a “cheat day” where you literally stuff as much food as will possibly fit into the big hole on your face. We’ve both actually been incredibly good at staying on track with the whole diet thing. In times past when we’ve tried to restrict ourselves this is usually a calendar of the day’s events: (insert picture).

Thankfully we made it past day one, but this week, week three, everything went downhill. Literally. I got in a car accident on Tuesday and we had a really difficult time of trying to find a car. I had a few bad days at work, Jackson and I had a little squabble, and I got a few headaches. Riddle me this: How can you withstand the alluring temptation of an extra large Dr. Pepper when your neck still burns with whiplash from a recent car accident? You can not and you will not. Soooo one cheat day became two. And… it stayed at two! My husband is incredibly loving and patient, so he bought me Dr. Pepper and a huge tub of ice cream, and helped me find the strength to stave off the desire to eat mounds of sugar for another day.

So we’re back to eating chicken breasts and green beans and carrots. And I am checking off “low-carb” on my to do list every day. And, by gosh, I think I can feel some sort of muscle underneath my belly fat when I stretch out on the bed. And I think there might be a chance that, for potentially the first time in my life, I’ve actually resolved to keep my resolutions.

What are your experiences with New Year’s Resolutions? Do they work, or are they just an opportunity to get depressed